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Professor Pam McLeod's ENGL 1301

Choose one of the following arguments to agree or disagree with:§ Money can’t buy happiness.§ Technology has an overall negative effect on American society.§ Homeschooling is…

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Writing Workshop-20201109 10am

Dr. Mary Lawson walks several students through the process of coming up with a structure for the Reading Culture scholarship competition essay.

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Flex Classroom: Dr. Timothy Snyder

The Flex Campus Classroom is a combination of instructional strategies that we've been using for decades at HCC. It combines the face-to-face classes with the online modality that we have…

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Story Maps WIth App Templates

Story map demo

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Join a Kaltura Session for Students

Join a Kaltura Session for Students

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How to Use WebEx (Starting WebEx)

This video is an overview of "How to schedule, start WebEx meetings and sharing contents within WebEX.

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Breakout Groups (July 31)

note - fast forward through the 5 dead minutes when we were in breakout groups

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