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Checks and Balances, September 2020

Neal Tannahill

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6- How to order Captions

This video will show how-to order captions from CAnvas/Eagle Online.

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A learning glass overview of the concept of utilitarianism and some of the common objections to the view.

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Aristotle on intellectual and moral virtues, books 2 and 6 of the Nicomachean Ethics. Focus is on the role of character, habits, and deliberation in virtuous actions.

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How to Provide Attribution for Video

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Ultimatum Game

The ultimatum game is explored to more fully examine the rationality assumption and the theory of utility maximization. It also takes a hard look at the issue of fairness and its role in economic…

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Upload Action

How to upload an action to Photoshop

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Free Will

This short video presents the philosophical problem of free will.

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This piece is part of the PHIL 1301 Model Course

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