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FD - Extracting Color Scheme in Illustrator

In this 15-minute video, we use simple tools found in Illustrator to produce a color scheme out of a work of art.

From  Nicholas Champroux on 09/24/2021 0 likes 0  

CAD F21 - Float Colorways

In this last video, we look at how to edit the Artboard, how to group and edit our float, and how to apply Pantone colors to our illustrations.

From  Nicholas Champroux on 09/21/2021 0 likes 0  

Line Sheet Layout - Page 3

In this 28-minute video, we put together our garment line-up for overcoats, making sure to group our garments and to scale them consistently across the board.

From  Nicholas Champroux on 03/29/2021 0 likes 0  

CAD F20 - PS Mood Fabrics

In this 10-minute video, we briefly go over how to embed a fabric sample, cut it out from its original background, 'sculpt' the quick mask, and add a dropped shadow for extra depth and…

From  Nicholas Champroux on 11/2/2020 0 likes 0  

ACS S20 - PS Trend B Color Chips

In this 13-minute video, we work with the Smart Rectangle tool and the properties window.

From  Nicholas Champroux on 07/23/2020 0 likes 0