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Independence Heights Revitalization Project

Designing from the Outside In: A Revitalization Project by the Interior Design program in collaboration with the Center of Learning Innovation - Central Region highlighting students learning the in…

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Dosages 12.1

1. A client with a DVT has an IV infusion of heparin sodium infusing at 1,500 units/hour. The concentration in the bag is 25,000 units/500mL. How much should the nurse document as intake from this…

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Dosages 9.16

16. A client is to receive a continuous drip feeding of Ensure. There are 240 cal/ 8oz. can of Ensure. The feeding is to provide 2000 cc/ 1500 calories. What is the strength of the…

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Dosages 9.14

14. If a client is to receive 2400 calories daily and the Ensure contains 240 calories/ 8 oz. can, how many mL Ensure will the client receive daily?

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Musculoskeletal Lectures Notes

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