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Excel - Creating a Bar Chart

Creating a bar chart.

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Aristotle on Happiness

This is a brief lecture covering, roughly, Book 1 of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics where he demonstrates how happiness is the highest good of human action and how the virtuous action of the…

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Chancellor Welcome_NSO_

Chancellor New Student Orientation Video

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Center of Excellence Visual & Performing Arts

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HCC Centers of Excellence

HCC Centers of Excellence. Produced bt HCCTV.

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DML NABShow Video Short

This 3:00 video highlights a trip students from the Digital Media League, a student organization, took to the NABShow in Las Vegas, Nevada April 17-21, 2016. This group is affiliated with the Digital…

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Higher Education: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of May 3, 2016

Higher Education

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Government and You: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of August 26, 2014

Government and You

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Digital Storytelling @ HCC

Interview with Joe Lambert, Founder/Director for The Center for Digital Storytelling. A remarkable three days at Central's Curriculum Innovation Center with HCC's first digital…

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Drs. Jane Cirillo and Cammy Shay discuss how and why HCC is learner-centered. Videotaping and editing created by Don White, Videographer.

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Drs. Jane Cirillo and Cammy Shay discuss ways in which learner-centered instructional design helps students become effective, independent learners. Videotaping and editing created by Don White,…

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021712 - Intro

Intro Lecture

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