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Katherine Rhodes Fields, The Paradigm of Persephone

The six series of print impressions that make up the exhibition The Paradigm of Persephone visually interplay the image of the pomegranate fruit and photographic imagery of Greece while referencing…

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Katherine Rhodes Fields Sabbatical | Crete and Delphi

From Up to the Minute, July 14, 2022For Virtual Family Fun Day on Up To The Minute, Katherine Rhodes Fields, Division Chair of the HCC’s Visual Arts Department – who was in Greece earlier…

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Katherine Rhodes Fields in Greece on Sabbatical

HCCTV Up To The Minute June 10, 2022 On this morning’s Up To The Minute, we discuss cosmic hitchhikers – planets that could transport extra-terrestrials – with HCC Physics and…

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Chapter 4, Classical Art of Greece, The Element of Line part 2

Classical Greek Art, The Element of Line

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Fashion History / Crete and Greece / 2,900 - 100BCE

This 43-minute video walks us through Crete and Greece, from 2,900 - 100BCE.

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Euthyphro-9-28-17 at 8.56 AM

A brief introductory lecture to Plato's Euthyphro. This was prepared for an online Introduction to Ethics (PHIL 2306) class, Module 1: Metaethics.

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1314 3.4.7

Degree and number of zeros

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