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HCC Library Webinar - Fake News

This online webinar, hosted by HCC librarians, focuses upon the concept of "fake news" - defining, recognizing, and developing tactics for understanding and dealing with the issues…

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Aristotle on intellectual and moral virtues, books 2 and 6 of the Nicomachean Ethics. Focus is on the role of character, habits, and deliberation in virtuous actions.

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Aristotle on Happiness

This is a brief lecture covering, roughly, Book 1 of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics where he demonstrates how happiness is the highest good of human action and how the virtuous action of the…

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Metaethics Overview

This is an overview of Metaethics for Introduction to Ethics, PHIL 2306, Module 1.

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Corrections: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of May 4, 2017


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Crime Rate: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of May 4, 2017

Crime Rate

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Counties I: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of March 28, 2017

Counties I

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A More Perfect Union

HCC History Department presents Dr. David Shi in— " A More Perfect Union: The Dynamics of Race in American History". A specialist in intellectual and cultural history, David is the…

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Filak 1 Video

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Dr. Ausma Khan: The Unquiet Dead

Reading Culture and The Reel Film and Speaker series present Dr. Ausma Khan author of the book The Unquiet Dead. Dr. Khan holds a Ph. D. in International Human Rights Law with a specialization in…

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Separation of Powers: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of September 6, 2016

Separation of Powers

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Wealth and Poverty: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of August 30, 2016

Wealth and Poverty

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