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Art Appreciation Chapter 11, Photography, Art of the 19th century

Photography, Arft oen then129th century

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From Ruth Dunn: EGLS3 Plea

It is of vital importance to improve teaching and learning at Houston Community College so each Spring and Fall Semester you get to evaluate me using our online form EGLS3 –Evaluation for…

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Free Will

This short video presents the philosophical problem of free will.

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BOOM- Bryan Parras

Digital Storytelling workshop at Northeast College. Conducted by the Center for Digital Sotrytelling.

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Pandora's Box: The Katy Prairie

Conservation Education Director, Jaime González speaks to students about the Katy Prairie and the role it plays in the city of Houston and subsequently their own lives. Recorded at…

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Roosevelt, Muir, Clio, and Me

Honors College Professor, historian and author, David Wilcox presents an overview of his recently published historical novel "Roosevelt, Muir, Clio, and Me" </br> Roosevelt, Muir,…

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video of philosophy 1301

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042012 - Kant, Groundwork, Section 1 & 2 pt 1

042012 - Kant, Groundwork, Section 1 & 2 pt. 1

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