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FDOL F20 - Household Dye Process

In this 11-minute video, we go over how to process protein- and cellulose-based textile in conjunction with household dye. The former requires vinegar as an assistant; the latter relies on…

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FDOL F20 - Household Dye Supplies

In this 5-minute video, we go over the supplies needed for our Household Dye.

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Reading Culture Fall 2020: Introduction to Map of Salt and Stars

Professor Melissa Miller-Waters introduces us to the novel "The Map of Salt and Stars,' by Zeyn Joukhadar, one of the two choices for the Fall 2020 Reading Culture program.

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Dosages 12.2

2. The nurse is caring for a client who has had extensive surgery and is in critical condition. The nurse notes that the complete blood count shows an 8 g/dl hemoglobin and a 30% hematocrit.…

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