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VAST STEAM Metaverse Camp 24

Welcome to the VAST Academy STEAM Metaverse Summer Camp 2024, a week-long journey into the exciting world of XR, AI, and 3D technology. In collaboration with Reality Collab, a division of Innovation…

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IDesign Fundamentals Immersive Class

Step into the groundbreaking Immersive Interior Design Fundamentals class led by Professor Jackie Barry. This pioneering course, a first of its kind, transcends traditional education by harnessing…

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VAST Metaverse Summer Camp 23

As the sun rose over the horizon, casting a warm golden glow on the world, I eagerly stepped into the realm of the VAST Metaverse Summer 23 Camp. It was a week-long adventure like no other, promising…

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Media Arts, Wonda Spaces, and Gravity Sketch

Students in professor Bennie Ansell's Media Arts class work on Wonda Spaces to import their 3d creations from Gravity Sketch.

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Gardening in Small Space 2022

Gardening in Small Space with Texas Master Gardeners, This monthly series is presented by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Harris County Master Gardeners. The mission is to help…

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Campus Parking

Campus parking. This story was adapted from a book titled "Principles of Economics" by UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA LIBRARIES PUBLISHING EDITION, 2016. THIS EDITION ADAPTED FROM A WORK…

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Ashley Hope & The Art Car Cooperative | The Topic

Think Art Car, Frankenbike, Moving Artwork… Think Fabrication Techniques in Multiple Disciplines… Think Creative Cooperative for College Credit…The Art Car Cooperative, Where…

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Solve the equation 2/5 x - 1/3 x = 3

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Dosages 7.11

11. For a Dexamethasone suppression test, dose ordered is 5 mg q6h X 48 hrs Supply: 10 mg/mL Drug handbook states, "Give undiluted over 1 minute." Give _____ mL …

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Dosages 7.10

10. The IVP medication to be given is 5 mL to be given over 5 minutes. Over how many seconds will you administer each calibration on the syringe?

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1314 4.1.8

Finding Equations of Inverses

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Math 0409 Final Review

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Tour the HCC Alief Hayes Campus

Tour of Film making Facilities at Alief campus.

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