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Maggie Lasher Talks Dance on HCCTV

2:07—12:28 Maggie Lasher Dance Professor on HCCTV’s Up to the Minute, September 02, 2020

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The Topic | Maggie Lasher Flow Dance

HCC provides dancers with a variety of classes to challenge both body and mind. This semester, there's a new offering that gets them into the flow. HCC Dance Program Coordinator Maggie Lasher…

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On The Edge Student Showcase | Fall 2017

On the Edge features original student choreography from members of the Central Dance Ensemble.

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CDE 5 Spring 2015

A Maggie Lasher Dance Concert CENTRAL DANCE ENSEMBLE FIVE Guest Artists Jane Weiner of Hope Stone Dance Heather vonReichbauer ChinaCat Dance May 1, 2015 in the historic Heinen Theatre

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