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Setting up and Starting a WebEx Meeting

App vs. Web browser use of WebExLocate "Participant" settings and set "Mute On Entry" and disable the use of video under the "Meeting Options" settings. Hand over the…

From  Marlinda Karo on 07/23/2020 0 likes 0  

Webex Meetings - Starting and Ending Tips

Librarian Jenn Stidham demonstrates how she starts and ends Webex Meetings in her Personal Meeting Room. Initial participant settings, welcoming attendees, and content sharing tips are included.

From  Jennifer Stidham on 06/25/2020 0 likes 0  

Webex Usage Reports

This video screencast demonstrates how to access and interpret the Webex Meetings Usage Report, which can function as an attendance roster for library instruction sessions.

From  Jennifer Stidham on 06/24/2020 0 likes 0  

Adding a CART Writer or ASL Interpreter to your WebEx class - April 24th 2020, 1:12:05 pm

Adding a CART Writer or ASL Interpreter to your WebEx class is easy once you know where to go and what buttons to push. This also will work for any outside speaker that you might want to invite to…

From  Norma Brand on 04/24/2020 0 likes

Starting a Webex Personal Room Webinar

This screencast is designed for HCCS librarians using their Webex personal rooms to provide student instruction.

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Cisco WebEx for Scheduling and Hosting Virtual Office Hours

This is a short video that will help you get started with Cisco Webex for scheduling and hosting virtual office hours.

From  Richard Gosselin on 03/17/2020 3 likes 0  

Memory Chip Makers Caught in Global Price Fixing Schemes

Memory Chip Makers Caught in Global Price Fixing Schemes. Material from this video was adapted from "Principles of Economics" which is entrusted to the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA LIBRARIES…

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