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FDOL F20 - Color Remover Dissolve

In this 6-minute clip, we go over dissolve and applying color remover.

From  Nicholas Champroux on 09/29/2020 0 likes 0  

FDOL F20 - Fiber Reactive Rinse & Discard

In this 12-minute video, we go over what to do last, once the soda ash has fixed the pigment into the fabric.

From  Nicholas Champroux on 08/28/2020 0 likes 0  

PDS3 Act_3 Grading Table

This video walks you through creating a Grading Table and color-coding it so that you can easily spot mistakes

From  Nicholas Champroux on 07/31/2019 0 likes 0  

Labor Supply Elasticity

Labor supply elasticity. This video draws from material in "Principles of Economics" which is a text entrusted to the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA LIBRARIES PUBLISHING EDITION, 2016. THIS…

From  Richard Gosselin on 06/22/2019 0 likes 0