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Demystifying Ally, Making the Inaccessible. Accessible

What is accessibility and how does it impact learners? How can instructors make their courses accessible to all learners? This ten-minute presentation describes the ins and outs of Ally for Canvas.

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Improving Accessibility with ChatGPT

Coffee Corner mini session on improving accessibility with ChatGPT.

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Chat GPT Friend or Foe

What is Chat GPT? How can it be used to elevate assessments? Watch this presentation and see!

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Coffee Corner Alt Text for Images

What is alt text? Why is it necessary? Watch this 10-minute presentation to find out!

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CTLE Coffee Corner: Accessibility & Meaningful Links

Accessibility & Meaningful Links Resources

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CTLE Coffee Corner: Introduction to Accessible PDFs

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Faculty Video Lounge -- Accessibility in Ally and Kaltura Captioning

This is a recording of a web conference session (Kaltura Live Room) where I cover using the Ally tools in Canvas to improve accessibility as well as using captioning tool in Kaltura for captioning…

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Using HCC Library Databases to Find Materials With Text-to-Speech Capability

This instructional screencast was produced by the HCC Libraries in order to showcase our database families - Gale/Cengage and Ebsco, that provide text-to-speech features for their materials,…

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Finding Large Print Books in the HCC Libraries

This screencast demonstrates how to locate Large Print Books in the HCC Libraries' online catalog.

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Legislative Leadership: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of February 21, 2017

Legislative Leadership

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Captions: Improving Access to Postsecondary Education

Professors, students, and IT administrators share the benefits of using captions for videos in postsecondary education. See Captioning media in Eagle Online. Creative Commons Attribution license…

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Adding and Editing Captions in Edutube

This video shows faculty how to add captions to their Edutube media as well as how to edit the captions once received.

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