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ACS F20 - AI Trans ABC

In this 20-minute video, we walk through shapes A, B, and C.

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Finding Short Stories

How to find Short Stories using Short Story Index

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ACS S20 - BS2 Reflect Tool

In this 15-minute video, we learn how to mirror shapes using the Reflect Tool (O) along with the powerful modifying key ALT. We also learn how to Join two open shapes into one closed shape.

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ACS-S20 - AI Tools Subsets Functions

In this 17-minute video, we survey the three most useful tools subsets we will need in this class. We explain what each of these do.

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The Stanford Virtual Heart Now Available in Virtual Reality Lab & Studio

Pediatric cardiologists are using immersive virtual reality (VR) with Oculus Rift to explain complex congenital heart defects, which are some of the most difficult medical conditions to teach and…

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Prealgebra 6.3.3

Convert 1/3 to Percent Notation

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HCC Creative Writing Club presents Jasminne Mendez

HCC Creative Writing Club, ROW, presented Jasminne Mendez in celebration of National Poetry Month. Jasminne Mendez is a performance poet, actress, teacher and published writer. She captivates…

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Susan Solomon: The promise of research with stem cells

Calling them "our bodies' own repair kits," Susan Solomon advocates research using lab-grown stem cells. By growing individual pluripotent stem cell lines, her team creates testbeds…

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"Pop's Got a Brand New Bag: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and the Construction of the Emotional Beef in the Teenage Market Share": Professor Brandon Hernsberger's Lecture (English/Pop Culture)

Not since the late 1980s has there been a clearer rift in the fandom of teenage girls as they pick a side in their pop music consumerism. You were either a Tiffany girl or a Debbie Gibson girl back…

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Petra Guillen

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Sarah Cortez

From the Hispanic Heritage Month panel "Houston's Finest: Latina/o First Responders Who Live the Life and Tell the Tales," Houston police officer and poet, Sarah Cortez, reads from…

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