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2021 Virtual Faculty Senate Micro-Conference--March 3

Speaker: BRENDA HOUGH Topic: Work and Our Well-Being: Supporting Self-Care The coronavirus pandemic is impacting almost every aspect of our lives. Many are under a great deal of stress and are…

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Reading Culture Fall 2020: Introduction to Map of Salt and Stars

Professor Melissa Miller-Waters introduces us to the novel "The Map of Salt and Stars,' by Zeyn Joukhadar, one of the two choices for the Fall 2020 Reading Culture program.

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ECON 2302 - Flex Campus Class MW 10:30 - 11:50 PM - Wednesday, September 2, 2020

ECON 2302 MW Class - 09-02-2020

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Using Quizzing/Polling/Survey Tools for Engagement and Assessment

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Independence Heights Revitalization Project

Designing from the Outside In: A Revitalization Project by the Interior Design program in collaboration with the Center of Learning Innovation - Central Region highlighting students learning the in…

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Excel - Sorting Data

Sorting data in Excel.

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Prealgebra 6.1.6

Car expense

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Prealgebra 5.5.7


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Prealgebra 5.1.1

Place Value Chart

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Lesson 4: The Door and Window

Thank you Ruben Duran, for your direction and assistance in the learning glass studio.

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Texas Economy V: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of April 14, 2016

Texas Economy V

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DFTG 1317 Template file intro

Introduction to the use of a template file.

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Tim Berners-Lee: A Magna Carta for the web

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web 25 years ago. So it’s worth a listen when he warns us: There’s a battle ahead. Eroding net neutrality, filter bubbles and centralizing…

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John Kappelman (Anthropologist) at the REEL

Dr. John Kappelman, Professor of Anthropology, UT Austin Paleoanthropologist speaks about Modern Humans migration 'out of Africa': Blue Highways: Middle Stone Age Foraging Behaviors Along…

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