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FT5007 Online Anytime & Course Design Getting off to a Great Start

Designing an Online Anytime course.

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Dosages q5.20

20. At 0300 there was 250 mL D5W left in the IV bag. The ordered rate was 50 mL/hr. At 0700, just as you change shifts, the IV bag is empty. What can you conclude about the flow rate?a. Too slowb.…

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Prealgebra 7.2.2


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Prealgebra 2.8.2

23 = t + 7

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From Ruth Dunn: EGLS3 Plea

It is of vital importance to improve teaching and learning at Houston Community College so each Spring and Fall Semester you get to evaluate me using our online form EGLS3 –Evaluation for…

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Texas House Hearing on Economic and Small Business Development- Part I

The Texas House of Representatives' committee on Economic & Small Business Development held a public hearing in the Auditorium of the San Jacinto Memorial Building on May 1, 2014. The…

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This side of the Glass

This Side of the Glass: a poetry reading by Jose Antonio Rodriguez author and winner of the national Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award(2009) and the SFA Press Prize (2011)

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Poet Kay Ryan

Kay Ryan read to HCC Central students one week before been awarded the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for poetry. She is an American poet and educator who has published seven volumes of poetry and an anthology…

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