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In this 16-minute movie, we compare the proportions of standard male and female figures. We then proceed to drawing a female figure with a slight 3/4 tilt and add muscle tone.

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CP - Digital Figure Analysis - Body Point & Lengths

In this 16-minute video, we go over locating our customer's joints and their placement in relationship to the overall figure lengths.

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CAD F20 - Tech Pack Page 10

In this 4-minute video, we go briefly over the Specs page and the meaning of some of the abbreviations used in the fashion industry.

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Art Appreciation, Potter, Chapter 2, The Language of Art

Art Appreciation, Arts 1301, Potter Chapter 2, The Language of Art

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ACS S20 - AI Sweater TF Bodice & Panels

In this 20-minute tutorial, we lay our bodice foundation, add sleeves, cuffs, waist ribbing, and neck backview. We then Reflect the work and Unite shapes that are symmetrical.

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Fashion History / Late Middle Ages / 1300 - 1500

In this 45-minute video, we cover the Late Middle Ages, when fashion truly emerges!

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Rafael Acosta

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