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CAD F21 - Float House Style

In this 14-minute video, we apply the house style to our illustration to make sure that our float is consistent with the rest of the team's output.

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CAD F21 - Image Trace Troubleshoot

In this 12-minute video, we look at what to do when our starting image is not quite Image-Trace-compatible.

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CAD F20 - Ruffle Brush

In this 25-minute video, we continue our exploration of Pattern Brushes, this time with a ruffle that we carefully end with a start and end cap!

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Accumark Pattern Design

In this 16-minute video, we learn how to clone a Model in Accumark, along with all its components. We open them in Pattern Design and get introduced to the Pattern Design interface.

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APD - PS Plaid Weave

In this 35-minute video, we use the Rectangle tool in Photoshop to lay overlapping vertical and horizontal prints. We then apply various woven texture to test the result of various weaves. We finally…

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APD - PS Weave Patterns

In this 30-minute video, we go over basic concepts that will come handy when we're ready to 'weave' our plaid. This includes CTRL+Select, Inverse Selection, and Edit Define Pattern.

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TCD - Watercolor Render

In this 24-minute video, we go over the various layers needed to build a three-dimensional render in watercolor. We combined graphite, watercolor, color pencil, and white gel pen.

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TCD - Light Report Demo

This 10-minute video walks us how to fill in a Light Report, taking advantage of an excellent light installation found in the Museum District!

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TCD - Sourcing Fabric Sample

In this 6-minute clip, we cover three different websites where you can order fabric samples for your design projects.

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APD F20 - Torso Sloper Stitching

In this 9-minute video, we learn to stitch our torso pieces, including the fish darts, onto Eva.

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CAD F20 - Patterning Stitching

In this 23-minute video, we learn to assign location and textile to our pieces. We also cover our 3D avatar properties and how to simulate drape on our garment.

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CAD F20 - Patterning Arc Piece

In this 11-minute video, we learn how to draft an arc piece, in this case, a flounce that runs along the side seam of our skirt.

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APD F20 - Bodice Stitching

In this 12-minute video, we finalize our sloper by trueing the seams. We then stitch it for a fitting on our avatar.

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APD F20 - Skirt Stitching

In this 17-minute video, we learn how to adjust the measurements of our avatar. We then learn to assign unique textiles and locations to our pattern pieces, after which we simulate the drape on our…

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FDOL F20 - Steaming

In this 4-minute clip, we learn the basics of steaming, using our stove, metal pot with lid, strainer, and timer.

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