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Cosmetology Student Self-Care Webinar - Skin Care

The Student Library Advisory Council in collaboration with our HCC Cosmetology Dept. hosted our 3rd Annual Student Driven Self Care Webinar on Monday, Feb. 14th. Watch our talented and skilled HCC…

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CAD F21 - Setting Illustration Areas

In this 24-minute video, we dig deep into the Magic Wand (W) tool settings. We also apply different colors to different garment areas using the Paint Bucket (G) tool. We learn how to apply color to…

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TCD - Watercolor Render

In this 24-minute video, we go over the various layers needed to build a three-dimensional render in watercolor. We combined graphite, watercolor, color pencil, and white gel pen.

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ACS F20 - PS Sketch Fills

In this 18-minute video, we learn to create fills for the different areas of our illustration.

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ACS S20 - PS Advertisement Changing Colors

In this 13-minute video, we learn to select and colorize one element from a composition.

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PTHA 2435 - Lower Extremity Amputation & Patient Managment

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1314 2.4.4

Find the slope and y-intercept 3x - y = 2

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MEGGS Chapter 3 Lecture

Meggs Hiostory of Graphic Design 6th edition lecture of Chapter 3: THE ASIAN CONTRIBUTION

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ob exam 4 part 1

ob lecture 4 part 1

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