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12 - Practices and Procedures

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Chat GPT Friend or Foe

What is Chat GPT? How can it be used to elevate assessments? Watch this presentation and see!

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Reading Culture Fall 2022: Project Workshop

This is a recording of the Fall 2022 Reading Culture Project Workshop presented by Professor Laura Ayers. This presentation is meant to help students competing in Reading Culture's Fall 2022…

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Liberalism and Conservatism, September 2020

Neal Tannahill, GOVT 2305

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Explaining the CCSSE for Student Engagement

Designed, developed, and facilitated by Judy Hayman with cooperation from the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

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Introductory video for Stauffer's English 1302 online class

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John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes

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Choice in a World of Scarcity - Normative Versus Positive Economic Statements

Normative Versus Positive Economic Statements

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Darla Barolini Lawrence Exhibition | Spring Branch

Wall to Wall: Exploration of portraiture in space | Darla Barolini Lawrence Exhibition Features large oversize canvas paintings.

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HCC Graffiti in Houston Project- Daniel Anguilu

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Kant on Perfect and Imperfect Duties - Clipped by Nathan Smith

This is a longer video drawing out 4 examples of perfect and imperfect duties as analyzed according to Immanuel Kant's three formulations of the categorical imperative.

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Metaethics Overview

This is an overview of Metaethics for Introduction to Ethics, PHIL 2306, Module 1.

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If the first and third of three consecutive odd integers are added, the result is 69 less than five times the second integer. Find the third integer.

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1314 5.7.1

Basic Definitions

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1314 5.1.4

Solving an Inconsistent System

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1314 4.3.10


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