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ACS - How to export and upload PNGs onto Forum

In this 8-minute recording, we learn how to export a high-quality PNG from Illustrator, and how to upload it onto a Canvas Discussion.

From  Nicholas Champroux on 09/17/2021 0 likes 0  

Cleaning Up the Canvas Dashboard

Cleaning Up the Canvas Dashboard

From  Richard Gosselin on 08/23/2021 0 likes 0  

Import Existing Media Gallery to New Course

How to import existing Kaltura Media Galleries into your new Canvas course

From  Lynden Marshall on 06/24/2021 0 likes 0  

Duplicate a page in Canvas

How to duplicate a page in Canvas from Modules view

From  Emily Chavez on 06/15/2021 0 likes 0  

APD - Repeat Indexed Print

In this 20-minute video, we finish working with an Indexed print.

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ACS S21SS - Week 2 Webex

In this 54-minute presentation, we go over the syllabus and introduce ourselves.

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Try It 6.2 UPDATED 01_2021

Step by step guided completion of TryIt 6.2 in Canvas 1620 training.

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Canvas Training M5.2. This video walks viewers step by step to complete TryIt 5.2

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5.1 TryIt Canvas Training UPDATE 01/21/2021

How to complete TryIt 5.1 in Canvas training

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From Ruth Dunn: A Textbook Is REQUIRED for All of My Classes - Tue Jan 19 2021 13:53:56 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

There is a textbook that is required for all of my Courses and all of my Classes at HCCS this semester. You must purchase the textbook! The first Folder in the EO-Canvas Modules Tab is the folder…

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