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Teamwork_ Practical Tips for Creating, Managing, and Assessing Student Groups by Courtney Smith


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From Ruth Dunn: Welcome to Our Class - Spring 2021 - Mon Jan 11 2021 12:56:53 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

Welcome to the Spring 2021 semester. Let's have fun and let's learn as much as we can about our world and how Sociology and the Humanities fit into that world. I look forward to meeting…

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ACS F20 SS - Syllabus Walk-Through

In this 23-minute video, we go over the syllabus for the class, answering the study sheet along the way.

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Fall 2020 Course Orientation - September 10th 2020, 4:12:45 pm

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ACS F20 - Meet your Instructor

In this short 2-minute video, you get to meet your Instructor!

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ACS S20 - Canvas Walk-Through

This short video walks you through the basics you need to know to use Canvas.

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Explaining the CCSSE for Student Engagement

Designed, developed, and facilitated by Judy Hayman with cooperation from the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

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FHOL Summer 2020 - Canvas Walk-Through

This 12-minute video walks us through the Canvas interface.

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Introductory video for Stauffer's English 1302 online class

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Navigating Between Your Course and Development Shell

This video shows how to locate your development shell needed for the TL 1620 course.

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Action Item 1: Setting Up Percentages

How to set up assignment groups with percentages.

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Action Item 5: Moving Assignments into a Group

How to move assignments into a group to calculate grades correctly in Canvas.

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Action Item 3: Add Extended time through Special Due Dates for Extenuating Circumstances

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Faculty Video Lounge - Transparent Assignments for Online Learning

This is a recording of an online web conference (Kaltura Live Room) where I cover the use of the TILT Framework for designing transparent assignments for use in online courses.

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Faculty Video Lounge Meeting

Faculty Video Lounge Meeting

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Canvas Crash Course

This is a quick Canvas Crash course to get online and ready for instruction.

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