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How To Register for a Workshop in OLC

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How to Edit Multiple Assignments at One Time

How to Edit Multiple Assignments at One Time Guide

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Assignment Due Dates

Assignment due dates in Canvas. Separating fact from fiction.

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From Ruth Dunn: Class Start Dates and Important Information - Mon Jan 18 2021 13:29:04 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

Before You Have Access to Our Class Start Dates/Academic Calendar/Modules in Eagle Online-Canvas (EO-Canvas) Hello, All! Classes don't actually begin until the start date for each individual…

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Action Item 3: Add Extended time through Special Due Dates for Extenuating Circumstances

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Kaltura For Students

This is a short tutorial that demonstrates how to use Kaltura Live Room for students. This is a video conferencing solution which will be the primary driving force for how our live lectures will be…

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Faculty Senate President Update March 2020

Desmond Lewis' March 2020 Faculty Senate President Report.

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Prealgebra 3.5.1

Simplified Fraction

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Course Overview

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