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Division Chair Fields Discusses Student Art Show Digital Future

Becoming an artist takes hard work and a creative eye. In our HCC Beat this week, Randall Williams learns how the visual arts program is helping students to be the best artists they can be. …

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Instagram Student Art Show | Spring 2021 | HCC Beat

The six HCC campus art galleries are closed until further notice but that doesn’t stop our student artists from showing what they've created this semester. Instagram will be our gallery…

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Art Car Update Dec 2020 | The HCCTV Student Lounge

The HCCTV Student Lounge is a newscast produced by HCC students, for HCC students. Professor Ashley Hope shares an update to the Art Car Parade and HCC's entry.

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Remote Learning and Art | HCC Beat

Professor Melinda Lasczcynski chat's with HCCTV producer Randall Williams about the Impact of Virtualization in the Arts. Professor Lasczcynski, MFA is an HCC Gallery Coordinator and teaches Art…

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Virtual Student Art Exhibition_Fall2020_HCC Beat

Virtual Student Exhibition | Fall 2020 | Instagram ON INSTAGRAM | HCC Virtual Arts Center | @hcc_visual_arts November 16—January 16, 2021 Registration is not required for this event. The six…

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Professor Jeryn Woodard Mayer Talks Houston Art and the Bayou City Art Festival | HCCTV's The Topic

HCCTV's The Topic (#261) will be talking art in connection with this year's Bayou City Art Festival and their new virtual Happy Hours in lieu of a live festival.Scheduled guests…

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Melinda Laszczynski Talks Art in the time of COVID on HCCTV

3:20—9:38 Melinda Laszczynski Visual Arts Professor on HCCTV’s Up to the Minute, July 20, 2020.

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Ashley Hope Talks Art Car on HCCTV Spring 2020

1:40—7:35 Ashley Hope Visual Arts Professor and Art Car Cooperative on HCCTV’s Up to the Minute, April 03, 2020.

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Overwhelming (Im)Possibilities in the WLoop Art Gallery | HCC Beat

Overwhelming (Im)PossibilitiesThis exhibition of images includes work by members of the South-Central chapter of the Society for Photographic Education. The chapter includes students, educators and…

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VPA Fields & Cohn | Guests on Up To The Minute

Division Chairs Katherine Fields, Visual Arts and Michael Cohn, Media Arts discuss adding the digital component this semester to exhibit student artwork and student filmmaking projects.

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HCC Studio Art | Spring 2020

Created by Nathan Hale's Digital Video Class.

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Caroline Roberts | Present | HCC Beat

“The present of my life looks different under trees,” is a quote from a passage in Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek in which she muses on the differences between…

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Mahtab Basiri Identity Exhibition at NW

The (Identity) collection is actually about women's rights, especially in Muslim and patriarchal society. — Mahtab BasiriThis is a great opportunity for the HCC students and the Houston…

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Kentra Gilbert Exhibition at NE

The HCC Northeast Art Gallery and Student Life Department commemorate Black History Month with an exhibit titled Resurrection featuring Houston artist Kentra Gilbert. Gilbert’s work features…

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Jessica Simorte and Max Manning Exhibition at Central

Jessica Simorte and Max Manning both hold Master of Fine Arts degrees from the University of Cincinnati, and both have been exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally. They are now based…

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The Topic | Visual Arts

Guests are Dr. Colleen Reilly, Dean, Visual & Performing Arts; Elizabeth Diaz, Program Specialist, Art & Design unit (NASAD); and Katherine Rhodes Fields, Division Chair, Visual Arts, Studio…

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