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Quick Intro to HCC Counseling 4.25.2024

Introduction to HCC Counseling & Ability Services Can be used for NSOs, classroom presentations, etc. All HCC counselors are licensed mental health professionals and provide personal mental…

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Nursing Careers at UH

Digital Video Class. Srring 24.

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Faculty Exhibition: Rolando Reyna, "Paintings & Drawings"

HCC regularly presents gallery shows of work by its art faculty. Professor Rolondo Reyna's exhibition at Stafford has a decidedly edible slant. Produced by Randall Williams and broadcast…

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Melinda Laszczynski "Snack Work" Reception Recap

HCC Visual Arts recently held a reception for the works of Melinda Laszcynski. The reception took place at West Loop campus, and uses watercolor to create a diary of the lockdown months. Produced by…

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Instructional Leaders Day-part-3-of-4.mp4

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Instructional Leaders Day-Part-1-of-4.mp4

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CTLE Coffee Corner: The Power of the Overview

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17 - Copy Syllabus

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CTLE Coffee Corner: S.H.O.R.T. Acronyms & Learning Retention

Click here to view the infographic.

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CCC Motivating Strategies for Online Learners

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Engaging Feedback with Bitmoji

Coffee Corner mini session on using Bitmoji to create engaging feedback.

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Coffee Corner: How Can we Use Investigative Reporting to Fact Check ChatGPT

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Chat GPT Friend or Foe

What is Chat GPT? How can it be used to elevate assessments? Watch this presentation and see!

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Brian Riedel

Talk: "'Gay Brothers and Sisters Unite!’: A New History of the Houston Gay Liberation Front" Brian Riedel, Ph.D. Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 3:00 pm.

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