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ESOL Writing Class

Hi, I'm Maria. I'm part of an ESOL Writing class, and I want to share an extraordinary experience I had recently, thanks to my professor, Prof. Hayes. She's not your typical teacher;…

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Art & VR: Jacqueline Hernandez

This is a short commentary on virtual reality and art. Produced and Directed by Jacqueline Hernandez as the final project for Digital VIdeo I during the Fall of 2023.

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VAST VR Projects

Dr. Wren Bump, VAST Academy professor, describes the VR projects her classes worked in the Fall 21 semester. From outcomes to engagement, her students worked to develop Math skills-building towns and…

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Luis Sosa: The Forest

Artist Luis Adrian Sosa's Moon Station emphasizes the possibilities of VR art using native VR arts like Oculus Quill. Mr. Sosa is a Graphic Designer and artist from Cuba who graduated from…

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VR in Construction Facebook Ad for FALL

We are thrilled to announce Applications of VR/AR in the Construction Industry Continuing Education Class. Register today for this 8-week ONLINE class, starting 10/6 thru 11/18. This video is a…

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Virtual Reality Motor Maintenance

Mechatraining LLC Custom Virtual Reality Software for Motor Maintenance. Just one of the many products offered for Industrial and Educational Training.

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VersaillesVR : The Palace is Yours - Making-of

To experience VersaillesVR visit HCC Central's XR Lab & Studio. Reserve @ "VersaillesVR The Palace is yours" offers you a unique…

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Colton Benjamin Concert

360 video art created using AnimVR. created by Nick Ladd

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Nano-One: VR Molecular Drawing tool

Organic chemistry concepts are sometimes difficult to understand when you're looking at a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-dimensional molecular structure. Are you ready to build with…

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Adobe Substance 3D Modeler

Back in 2019, Adobe acquired the Oculus Medium VR sculpting tool and made it free. Adobe just launched a new 'Substance 3D' creation tools suite, and Medium is evolving to become Substance…

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Immersive Humanities

HCC Humanities Explores New Kinds of Immersive Learning in the Virtual Reality Lab.HCC Central VR Lab hosted humanities students from professors Ann Nunes(Central) and Lorena Fernandez(Northwest)…

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