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ACS F20 - AI YD TF Building Blocks

In this 18-minute video, we design a blazer for men, exploiting the potential of Illustrator to change our mind on style lines, select and move individual anchor points, and reflecting overlapping…

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CAD F20 - TF PRO New Doc

In this 12-minute video, we walk through how to set your document up, using a combination of croquis and garment picture downloaded from the internet.

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Basics - How to upload images in Discussion Forums

In this 6-minute video, we learn how to save an image onto our computer, upload it onto Canvas and post it to a Discussion Forum

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FHOL S20 - CH15

In this 63-minute video, we go over Chapter 15, the Edwardian Period and WW.

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FHOL S20 - CH14

In this 60-minute survey, we cover Chapter 14, the Bustle Period and the Nineties.

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FHOL S20 - CH7

In this 45-minute video, we cover Chapter 7 - The Italian Renaissance.

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