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CAD F21 - Float Shading and Drape Lines

In this 18-minute video, we go over how to add shading and drape lines.

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CAD F21 - Drawing Inside Float Elements

In this 18-minute video, we learn how to draw the inside of our garment without using the Patch / Block method.

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CAD F20 - Ruffle Brush

In this 25-minute video, we continue our exploration of Pattern Brushes, this time with a ruffle that we carefully end with a start and end cap!

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In this 15-minute, we go over how to select images, trim pictures, and glue them into a figurative collage meant to help us brainstorm a character costume design, hopefully running into happy…

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In this video, we introduce the supplies you will need to complete the watercolor grid.

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CAD F20 - Shading

In this 10-minute video, we apply shading to symbols and building blocks where objects overlap.

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ACS F20 - AI YD TF Building Blocks

In this 18-minute video, we design a blazer for men, exploiting the potential of Illustrator to change our mind on style lines, select and move individual anchor points, and reflecting overlapping…

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CAD F20 - Symbols Zipper Pull

In this 19-minute video, we build an advanced zipper pull for our library!

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CAD F20 - TF Pro Half Blocks

In this 22-minute video, we go over an advanced technical garment, and how to arrange the various panels to give the illusion of a sewn garment while maintaining flexibility.

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ACS F20 - AI Trans ABC

In this 20-minute video, we walk through shapes A, B, and C.

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ACS S20 - PS Tools Part 2

In this 9-minute video, we go over the right column of our Tools panel.

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ACS S20 - AI Sweater TF Bodice & Panels

In this 20-minute tutorial, we lay our bodice foundation, add sleeves, cuffs, waist ribbing, and neck backview. We then Reflect the work and Unite shapes that are symmetrical.

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APS S20 - AI Tank Applying Stitches

In this 15-minute tutorial, we learn how to select and copy-paste-in-front a path. We also learn how to offset a shape to get perfect curve parallels. We then slice off what we don't need and…

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ACS S20 - AI Tank Bodice

In this 14-minute video, we learn how to create a garment using the Pen tool.

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