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Evaluating Online Sources: The SIFT Method

The SIFT Method, created by Mike Caulfield, is a way to determine if resources are credible. There is so much information available to us at our fingertips, especially with social media and…

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Rachels Cultural Relativism

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Metaethics Overview

This is an overview of Metaethics for Introduction to Ethics, PHIL 2306, Module 1.

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How Banks Create Money

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This short movie demonstrates a step by step method to evaluate arguments in English, by translating them into symbolic form and applying the truth table method.

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Validity and Soundness

This video explains the basic logical concepts of validity and soundness.

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Truth Tables for the Logical Operators

This video explains the truth tables for each of the five operators in sentential logic.

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Inductive and Deductive Arguments

This short video presents the distinction between inductive and deductive arguments.

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This piece is part of the PHIL 1301 Model Course

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