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Dr. Williams - HCCTV Up To The Minute_ March 25, 2024

In this clip, Music Business Faculty Professor and Program Coordinator, Dr. Christopher Williams, chats with HCCTV about New Faculty who are experts in the industry, all that the program has to…

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A Mid-Semester Week of Reality

We start the week on Monday with a new floor after returning from Spring Break. This floor makes the lab more inviting, and we are very thankful to our campus administrator for their unwavering…

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HCC Beat Visits Acting For Film Class

So you want to be a movie star! You might want to do a bit of training before pursuing that career. HCC has you covered, though, with a class on Film Acting! This 4-week course is designed for the…

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Immersive ESOL Project: 2 Years Later

Melissa Villamil's class visits the Reality Collab to delve into the Immersive Space she created in collaboration with the Reality Collab.

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DR McCluskey Interviews with HCCTV Interview

Dr. Eric McCluskey, Lamar University voice and opera instructor, talks about his upcoming masteclass to HCC vocal students. February 09, 2024

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Fall 2023 Stafford Juried Student Art Show

Each semester ends with an art exhibition showcasing the work of HCC’s students. The Southwest in-person exhibition features art studio students at West Loop and Stafford. Juried for awards in…

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ESOL Writing Class

Hi, I'm Maria. I'm part of an ESOL Writing class, and I want to share an extraordinary experience I had recently, thanks to my professor, Prof. Hayes. She's not your typical teacher;…

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CTLE Coffee Corner: The Power of the Overview

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Cool Uses for Your Course Homepage

Coffee Corner mini session on cool uses of Canvas course Homepage.

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Welcome Video Part 1

This video provides a guide that will show you how to best navigate this course.

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15 - Student Usage

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11 - Course Requirements

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CCC Motivating Strategies for Online Learners

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Explanation of Questions 6 and 7 for Data Analysis Project 1

I give an explanation of Questions 6 and 7 for Data Analysis Project 1.

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Marco Robinson

Marco Robinson is Associate Professor of History and Assistant Director of the Ruth J. Simmons Center for Race and Justice at Exploring Black History in Texas: Connecting Archival, Oral and Digital…

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