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CTLE Coffee Corner- Higher Order Questions

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Draping - Truing Darted Torso Front

In this 26-minute video, we look at how to true our darted torso front, with particular care for the bust and the waist dart.

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APD F20 - Bodice Front Figures 1, 2

In this 25-minute video, we go through figures 1 and 2 from our instructions, using new tools like Draft and advanced guide functions.

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APD F20 - Skirt Tools

In this 17-minute video, we go over tools that will come handy as we draft our skirt sloper.

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Art Appreciation, Chapter 5

Elements and Principles of Design

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1314 2.1.13

Graph (x + 3)^2 + (y - 4)^2 = 36

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Design a Coral Reef Project: Step 2. Prepare Your Coral Reef

This is a short demonstration of step two in the Design a Coral Reef project for Digital Imaging I (ARTC 1302).

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