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Immersive ESOL Project: 2 Years Later

Melissa Villamil's class visits the Reality Collab to delve into the Immersive Space she created in collaboration with the Reality Collab.

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Instructional Leaders Day-part-4-of-4.mp4

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Requesting Books at Your HCC Library

How to request a book from one HCC library to another HCC library.

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Decluttering The Gradebook

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Video Assignments Coffee Corner

Explore reasons for using video assignments with students.

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CTLE Coffee Corner: Use ChatGPT to Enhance Your Course Development

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Chat GPT Friend or Foe

What is Chat GPT? How can it be used to elevate assessments? Watch this presentation and see!

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Request for Additional Funds for OPTIONAL 4th and 5th Courses

This video is for those who are opting in to select a 4th and optional 5th course. This is not a required mandate. Only the first three workshops are required.

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Foodture Overview

Back to the Foodture is a multi-disciplinary project at Houston Community College. It brings together pastry, history, English, and science students and professors. Pastry students choose and make a…

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CTLE Coffee Corner: Tips for Spicy Lectures

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CCC Coffee Corner - Extra Credit

Identify extra credit methods that save time, avoid grade inflation and are equitable. edited in My Movie

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Kaltura in 10

Coffee Corner mini session on Kaltura.

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CTLE Coffee Corner- Higher Order Questions

Click here to view the resources for this Coffee Corner

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