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HCC Beat Visits Acting For Film Class

So you want to be a movie star! You might want to do a bit of training before pursuing that career. HCC has you covered, though, with a class on Film Acting! This 4-week course is designed for the…

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Media Arts Division Chair, Melvin Mays chats with HCCTV

HCC Media Arts Division Chair Melvin Mays discusses the different programs and events in the department for Film Friday on Up To The Minute. February 09, 2024

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VAST Metaverse Summer Camp 23

As the sun rose over the horizon, casting a warm golden glow on the world, I eagerly stepped into the realm of the VAST Metaverse Summer 23 Camp. It was a week-long adventure like no other, promising…

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Video Assignments Coffee Corner

Explore reasons for using video assignments with students.

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Faculty Conference Promo 2023

Faculty Conference Promo 2023

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CTLE Coffee Corner Peer Review

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App Comp Final Part 1

In this 8-minute movie, we learn how to create a new document meant to be viewed on a web browser.

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CTLE Coffee Corner: Early Alert

What is Early Alert? How is it used? Watch this 10-minute presentation to find out! Early Alert - edited with My Movie

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Cultivating Critical Thinking-20220429_090815-Meeting Recording

Webinar recording of Cultivating critical thinking

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VAST VR Projects

Dr. Wren Bump, VAST Academy professor, describes the VR projects her classes worked in the Fall 21 semester. From outcomes to engagement, her students worked to develop Math skills-building towns and…

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Finding and Using Occupational Outlook Handbook Webinar

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Faculty Video Lounge - Transparent Assignments for Online Learning

This is a recording of an online web conference (Kaltura Live Room) where I cover the use of the TILT Framework for designing transparent assignments for use in online courses.

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VAST History 25 2017

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Technology and the Wage Gap

Technology and the Wage Gap. The material from this video was adapted from "Principles of Economics" which is entrusted to the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA LIBRARIES PUBLISHING EDITION, 2016.…

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