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12 - Practices and Procedures

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VAST using MoCap

Wren Bump’s class continues their XR class using motion capture suits to record data which they then save and upload to their Metaverse sites.

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ESOL Immersive Lab

Professor Melissa Villamil's class in the Reality Collab working on the immersive lab assignment using her own Immersive Lab. The HCC Mars Lab was created by Prof. Villamil in collaboration with…

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2021 Virtual Faculty Senate Micro-Conference--March 1

Speaker: DR. CHERRY ROSS GOODEN Topic: Equity is MORE than a NICE Word This session will focus on "equity-mindedness" and how this perspective is demonstrated in concrete ways by college…

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City Revenues and Expenditures: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of March 23, 2017

City Revenues and Expenditures

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Underwater Mortgages

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Don't Short the Shorts

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Economic Puzzles - Part

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School Districts III: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of April 5, 2016

School Districts III

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