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Arkio HQ in Spatial

Today I was invited to the opening of Arkio's headquarters in Spatial. Akio is a great app for AEC and has tremendous potential for collaborations. Stay tuned as we built the Central Twin using…

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Brain VR Assignment

Dr. Nayar's Biology class visited the lab to visualize the human brain and its function. It was great to be back in the XR Lab after a long hiatus due to COVID-19.

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Digital Media intro to Gravity Sketch

Professor Bennie Ansell's Digital Media class came to the Reality ColLab for an intro to Gravity Sketch. HCC is the first community college to use this creative immersive tool.

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Sketching in VR

Gravity Sketch is an intuitive 3D design platform for cross-disciplinary teams to create, collaborate, and review in an entirely new way. Now available to all HCC students.

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Life Craft & Nanome Projects

Biology students in professor's Pauline Ward class work on Animal Cell and Nanome assignments in XR Lab. After recording the screen, they use USB mics to voice over the recording. The final cut…

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Wendy Robbins Basic Illustration Class

Professor Wendy Robbin's class visited the XR Lab and Reality ColLab where her students were introduced to XR apps.

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Students Collaboration using NanomeVR

Biology students in Dr. Pauline Ward's class collaborate in Nanome on a group project. They were able to import molecular structures from RCSB Protein Databank, Pubchem, and…

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VAST VR Projects

Dr. Wren Bump, VAST Academy professor, describes the VR projects her classes worked in the Fall 21 semester. From outcomes to engagement, her students worked to develop Math skills-building towns and…

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Immersive Cam in Wonda Spaces

Interview about the new Fashion Immersive Show in Wonda Spaces using the new Camera recording tool inside Wonda.

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New World / New Dimension Art+Design Collaboration

The New World / New Dimension Fashion Show is a Film & Fashion Collaboration of [email protected] and the XR Lab & Studio. New World / New Dimension was developed and produced by faculty,…

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Math students build in VR

Students in Dr. Bump’s Math class use budgets and measurements to build cities, farms, and airports using Tiny Town VR app.

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Arte de la Luna

Nannete Luna artwork. Professor Wendy Robbins Digital Communications class.

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Wendy Robbins Illustration Class Fall 21

Students in Wendy Robbins' class visited the XR Lab to draw in VR using the popular app Tilt Brush.

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Configure Your Kaltura Live Room

Kaltura Liveroom Best Practice: Set / Configure Your Live Room

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Central XR Lab Deploys Cleanbox

Cleanbox is a premium, and eco-friendly, smart tech hygiene solution for the decontamination of AR, MR, VR, eyewear, masks, and other frequently used devices. The Box kills 99.999% of bacteria,…

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Week 4: Wonda Spaces intro & 3D Scanning

In week 4 students are trained in editing the immersive show in Wonda Spaces and continue 3d scanning. First garment's photoshoot with their own phone. Fashion Promotion Class students from the…

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