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Foodture Overview

Back to the Foodture is a multi-disciplinary project at Houston Community College. It brings together pastry, history, English, and science students and professors. Pastry students choose and make a…

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Brain VR Assignment

Dr. Nayar's Biology class visited the lab to visualize the human brain and its function. It was great to be back in the XR Lab after a long hiatus due to COVID-19.

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Life Craft & Nanome Projects

Biology students in professor's Pauline Ward class work on Animal Cell and Nanome assignments in XR Lab. After recording the screen, they use USB mics to voice over the recording. The final cut…

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Students Collaboration using NanomeVR

Biology students in Dr. Pauline Ward's class collaborate in Nanome on a group project. They were able to import molecular structures from RCSB Protein Databank, Pubchem, and…

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Finding Multimedia Sources through HCC Libraries: Dr. Ward's BIOL 1308

In this video, students will be able to see various multimedia sources available through HCC libraries.

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Light Board Presentation to the Biology Department Faculty

Light Board Presentation to the Biology Department Faculty

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BIOL1306 Cell Interactive Activity G2C TEAM Part 1

Video of BIOL 1306 Cell Interactive Activity Part 1 by G2C team at West Houston Institute, November 6th, 2019

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Clip of What Economists Believe

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State of OER at Houston Community College, March 2019

Open Ed Week roundtable discussion on OER at Houston Community College.

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Database Searching - Donna Gordon's ENGL 1301 Classes (Social Issues)

This is a customized library instruction webinar for Instructor Donna Gordon's ENGL 1301 sections. Topics covered include database searching and a focus upon MLA format.

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Student Group Project: Animal Nerve Cell in VR

Enjoy this Virtual Reality animal cell project done by students in Prof. Pauline Ward's Biology 1306 class for Fall 2018. The tour of the animal cell was recorded in VR and edited using a…

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Bridge To Human Anatomy & Physiology Program Overview

Overview of the fully online and free bridge to Human Anatomy and Physiology I program. If you are an HCC students enrolled In Human Anatomy & Physiology I courses.Please contact me at…

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A learning glass overview of the concept of utilitarianism and some of the common objections to the view.

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Sexual Harassment and Affirmative Action: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of October 12, 2017

Sexual Harassment and Affirmative Action

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Protection from Discrimination: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of October 10, 2017

Protection from Discrimination

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