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Genetics Students use Nano VR

Exploring the Microscopic World: Prof. Brian Mahon's Genetics Class Dives into Cell Biology with 'Nano' VR App

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ESOL Writing Class

Hi, I'm Maria. I'm part of an ESOL Writing class, and I want to share an extraordinary experience I had recently, thanks to my professor, Prof. Hayes. She's not your typical teacher;…

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5 - Editing Preparation

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CTLE Coffee Corner: Mastery Paths, Differentiation, & Competency Based Education

What is differentiation or competency based education? What are Mastery Paths in Canvas? Watch this 10-minute presentation to find out! Resources located here.

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Video Assignments Coffee Corner

Explore reasons for using video assignments with students.

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Improving Accessibility with ChatGPT

Coffee Corner mini session on improving accessibility with ChatGPT.

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How to create an OLC account

This video walks you through how to create an OLC account so you may register for professional development.

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How To Register for a Workshop in OLC

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CCC Coffee Corner - Extra Credit

Identify extra credit methods that save time, avoid grade inflation and are equitable. edited in My Movie

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Coffee Corner Screen Recording for Active Engagement

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Virtual Worlds Cosmetology and CLI Collaboration Summer 2022

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CTLE Coffee Corner- Powerful Student Engagement Ideas (edited)

Ways to keep your students engaged

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Active Learning for "Online on a Schedule"

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ESL lesson 2

With Carmen Washinton, Learn English as Second Language. Lesson 2 - Contact information, addresses and numbers

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Learning Hacks

This is a short video which involves the use of learning hacks and hopefully will serve as inspiration to faculty members to come up with their own hacks for the disciplines that they teach and share…

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