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Evaluating Online Sources: The SIFT Method

The SIFT Method, created by Mike Caulfield, is a way to determine if resources are credible. There is so much information available to us at our fingertips, especially with social media and websites.…

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Live Demo - Flex Campus and Online on a Schedule

Live Demo - Flex Campus and Online on a Schedule

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ECON 2301 Online Orientation - Summer II - 2020

ECON 2301 Online Orientation - Summer II - 2020

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*Mia-Instructions to Log into Eagle Online Canvas

Instructions to Log into Eagle Online Canvas This video will demonstrate how to log into the Eagle Online Canvas system. Your class work is embedded into this system. Ensure that you KNOW your HCC…

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HCC Fashion Webinar

A brief webinar on the HCC Library resources for Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising programs by Librarian for Fashion Design and Merchandising, Bethany Herman.

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Starting a Webex Personal Room Webinar

This screencast is designed for HCCS librarians using their Webex personal rooms to provide student instruction.

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Quick Tour of the HCCS Libraries Online

This is a 5 - minute webinar led by HCCS Librarian Jenn Stidham, designed to help students, faculty, and staff discover the online services and resources offered by the HCC libraries. Topics covered…

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(6 of 12) Faculty Preparedness Series: How to Upload Videos, Webpages, and Images

This video is part of the Faculty Preparedness Series and includes information on how to utilize the most popular media resources in Canvas.

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