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CAD F21 - Applying Highlights and Shadows

In this 21-minute video, we learn to load selections using our shapes, and brush in highlights and shadows via black and white areas.

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CAD F21 - Using Image Trace for Floats

In this 15-minute video, we go over how to place and resize our garment image, how to image trace a clear outline, and how to use image trace to extract shadow.

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TCD - Watercolor Render

In this 24-minute video, we go over the various layers needed to build a three-dimensional render in watercolor. We combined graphite, watercolor, color pencil, and white gel pen.

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Art Appreciation, Portrait Drawing (recorded) 2020-11-09-12-32-20

portrait drawing

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CAD F20 - Shading

In this 10-minute video, we apply shading to symbols and building blocks where objects overlap.

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Monopolist Maximizing Economic Profit

Monopolist Maximizing Economic Profit

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Darla Barolini Lawrence Exhibition | Spring Branch

Wall to Wall: Exploration of portraiture in space | Darla Barolini Lawrence Exhibition Features large oversize canvas paintings.

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