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F2F's Velbert Lewis and VPA's Colleen Reilly Talk Jazz Summer Camp at HCC

Velbert Lewis, President, F2F Music Foundation, and VPA Dean Colleen Reilly discuss the HCC’s Summer Camp for Jazz Improvisation at HCC with F2F on HCCTV's The Topic March 23, 2020. This…

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Yvonne Chen Piano Recital | HCC Beat

From playing in hospitals, schools, and community centers to performing in Carnegie Hall, Taiwanese-American pianist Yvonne Chen enjoys programming site-specific performances, as well as creating a…

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Tommy Taylor Exhibit | HCC Beat

Tommy Taylor | Hand Held Tommy Taylor investigates personal mythologies and narratives from his own life and re-contextualizes those experiences in video installations, paintings, and collages. In…

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Cecilia Villanueva Exhibit | HCC Beat

Cecilia Villanueva | Impossible Architecture Cecilia was born and raised in Mexico City. She brings both world history and imagination to her work. Her training began when her father, an architect,…

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Learning About American Government: Reapportionment

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Devon Peña #2

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Lee M Gonzales

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HCC Beat -- The Entourage Edge

How HCC is using the Edge.

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