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Captions Show You CARE

Captions benefit all students, not just those with hearing impairments. Watch this short (10 minute) video to see how adding accurate captions to your recorded lectures and videos helps boost…

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Kaltura in 10

Coffee Corner mini session on Kaltura.

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Coffee Corner Screen Recording for Active Engagement

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3D Objects in Kaltura

HCC Faculty can now import 3D models into Canvas MY MEdia and Edutube.If you’ve ever needed an excessive amount of photographs or diagrams to accurately describe a physical object for your…

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CTLE Coffee Corner: The Life-Changing Magic of Video Quizzes

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CTLE Coffee Corner Embedding Videos

How to embed videos in Canvas.

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VAST VR Projects

Dr. Wren Bump, VAST Academy professor, describes the VR projects her classes worked in the Fall 21 semester. From outcomes to engagement, her students worked to develop Math skills-building towns and…

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Basic Edutube Training for Librarians

Basic Edutube webinar for HCc LIbrarians conducted by Lynden Marshall on May 19, 2021.

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Finding Multimedia Sources through HCC Libraries: Dr. Ward's BIOL 1308

In this video, students will be able to see various multimedia sources available through HCC libraries.

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ACS F20 - AI Trans New Doc

In this 9-minute tutorial, we download our template from Canvas and set up our new document for AI Transforms.

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Edutube Statistics

How to get your usage statistics from Edutube

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07 How To Layer Images and Video in WeVideo (free account)

This tutorial video will demonstrate how to layer images and video using WeVideo's free account.

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ACS S20 - Syllabus Walk-Through

This 15-minute video walks you through the syllabus and contains most of the answers to the questions listed on your Syllabus Study Sheet.

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4- Working With Media in My Media

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ARTC 1325 Introduction to Computer Graphics (Summer 2022 - Overview)

Welcome Summer 2022 students

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7- YouTube in My Media

How to add media from YouTube and replace YouTube links. Faculty can get analytics information on YouTube entries and can use the In-Video Quiz tool. YouTube videos do not have the same options…

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