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Instructional Leaders Day-part-2-of-4.mp4

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CTLE Coffee Corner: S.H.O.R.T. Acronyms & Learning Retention

Click here to view the infographic.

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Monopoly Regulation

Monopoly Regulation

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Drawing a Demand Function and a Demand Curve

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Coffee Corner Screen Recording for Active Engagement

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CTLE Coffee Corner: Accessibility & Meaningful Links

Accessibility & Meaningful Links Resources

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Dr. Colleen Reilly | Global Outlook #108

In this episode, Colleen Reilly, Dean, HCC’s Center of Excellence for Media, Visual, and Performing Arts; Melisa Gultan, HCC student and opera singer from Turkey; Allie Danziger, Ampersand Pro,…

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Effective Communications-20220408 1504-1

Effective Delivery by Dr. Danielle Stagg Nonverbal Communication by Professor Tracy Leigh Vocal Variety by Professor James Duvall Business Pitch Presentation by David Regenbaum A…

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IDEAS@HCC - PITCH PRESENTATION SEMINAR April 23nd: 9am to 10:30pm (1 hour, 30 minutes event) – WebEx Event 00:00 Pitch Presentation Seminar Welcome Session 1: 05:40 Dr. Nicolas…

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HCC Library Database Searching - Disease Examples for Prof. White

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EDUC 1301 Finding Sources

Librarian Jennifer Crispin demonstrates finding sources in Eagle Library Search and four specific databases: ERIC, JSTOR, Gale Educators Collection, and Project Muse.

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Modern Art part 4

Modern Art

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Separation of Powers, August 2020

Neal Tannahill, GOVT 2305

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Let's make history…by recording it - StoryCorps & TED Prize

View full lesson: Download the StoryCorps app here: What if Anne Frank hadn’t…

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FHOL S20 - Decade Profile Walk-Through

This 5-minute video introduces this short project in which you study your assigned decade and how historical events shaped fashion.

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