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FHOL Summer 2020 - Chapter 2

This 43-minute lecture walks us through the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations.

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FHOL Summer 2020 - Chapter 1

This 28-minute recording walks us through the overall content of our first chapter.

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FHOL Summer 2020 - Meet your Instructor

In this 2-minute clip, your instructor Professor Niko ChampRoux introduces himself.

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Gardenrs 18th c part 1

Gardners 18th c part 1

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Painting Survey part 2

Painting Survey part 2

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Black History Through the Arts 2020 | HCC Beat

Black History Celebration Through the ArtsCelebrate Black History Month through the arts by enjoying a performance of music from the rich cultural traditions of African Americans. Highlights of this…

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Dedication to Ultramarine

The group of Art History II students making this video explored the artist Vermeer's immersive use of Ultramarine Blue during his short lifetime living in the Netherlands in the 17th Century.

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No More Cars

Art History I Student Group Story Art History Uses Everyday Themes to Tell Stories Students in the group decided to illustrate their story of fear about driving cars- something they all had in common.

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Blue in Architecture

Societies and Citizens Inspired by the Color Blue

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The Shame of it All

Art History I - 1303 Students, Fall 2019 Art History Employs Themes from Everyday Life What everyday theme will you illustrate with images from Art History?

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A Question of Sincerity

Student Group Presentation for Art History II, 1304, Fall 2019. Students were asked to consider an enduring idea, Art History Tells the Stories of People and Societies Inspired by Color. Working in…

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Art History I - 1303 students practiced teamwork, communication, social responsibility, and critical thinking in order to meet the Creative Arts Core objective requirements. They considered the…

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Personal Hygiene

Art History I students contemplated the idea that Art History uses everyday themes to tell stories about the function of art in the lives of the artists who made the work. This group of five…

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Color of Royal

During the semester Art History II students studied works of art from the 1400's through the global present. From a collection of favorite historical works and political leaders in history, here…

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