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CTLE Coffee Corner - Improving Accessibility with ChatGPT

Coffee Corner mini session on improving accessibility with ChatGPT.

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CCC Coffee Corner - Extra Credit

Identify extra credit methods that save time, avoid grade inflation and are equitable. edited in My Movie

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Lockdown Browser Basics

Coffee Corner mini session on Respondus Lockdown Browser.

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Accumark Explorer

In this 20-minute video, we get introduced to Accumark Explorer Environment, how to customize the application, and how to import a zipped file directly into Explorer.

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How-to Edit Acrobat PDF And Combine Multiple Files

Editing and combining PDF files

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ARTC 1325 Introduction to Computer Graphics (Summer 2022 - Overview)

Welcome Summer 2022 students

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Atomic and Molecular Orbital Visualization

Professor Claudio Carr Chemistry class at HCC's XR Lab & Studio. VR practice for the periodic trend in elements, Atomic and Molecular Orbital visualization.

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1314 4.4.5

Natural Logarithm

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Prealgebra 5.8.12

iPhoto Application

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Federal Grant Programs: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of September 13, 2016

Federal Grant Programs

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STEM Student Information Seminar

National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Experience and Scholarship Opportunities On Tuesday January 20th, the NW STEM Club hosted a Student Information Seminar regarding upcoming…

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Stalina Villarreal

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