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VAST STEAM Metaverse Camp 24

Welcome to the VAST Academy STEAM Metaverse Summer Camp 2024, a week-long journey into the exciting world of XR, AI, and 3D technology. In collaboration with Reality Collab, a division of Innovation…

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HVAC Duct System Design

Introduction to TwinMotion - For Summer 24 HVAC Design Class

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A Mid-Semester Week of Reality

We start the week on Monday with a new floor after returning from Spring Break. This floor makes the lab more inviting, and we are very thankful to our campus administrator for their unwavering…

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Genetics Students use Nano VR

Exploring the Microscopic World: Prof. Brian Mahon's Genetics Class Dives into Cell Biology with 'Nano' VR App

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Arkio (AEC industry) Mixed Realities

With room import and passthrough on Meta Quest 3 you can design, mix, and share realities like never before. Place virtual furniture in your living room, sketch an extension on top of a building you…

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Introducing the Meta Quest 3

Hey there, folks! It's a thrilling day for all of us, and I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to the Meta Quest 3 – the next iteration of the immersive web as we know it. This…

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EnchanTech Halloween

This event was a fusion of fun, education, and innovation, providing students with a unique opportunity to explore the potential of the Metaverse while celebrating the spirit of Halloween. Learning…

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Cosmetology 1421 Class at Reality Collab

Cosmetology students eagerly step into Professor DeJong's immersive course, where they not only perfect their beauty skills but also dive deep into the intricacies of the human body. Through…

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Ovation Pilot Launch

HCC students in Prof. Danielle Stagg's class were introduced to Ovation and its immersive capabilities, and their enthusiasm was palpable. The experience was not only educational but also…

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HVAC Immersive Course introduce Multilingual AI

Meet Maria, your multilingual AI assistant in the HVAC HART 1301 immersive course by Prof. Fedel White. With Maria's exceptional abilities, this course transforms into a dynamic bilingual…

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HCC Metaverse Summer Camp

Conclusion of our Week-Long Metaverse Camp for Middle and High Schoolers:To our brilliant and innovative students, Throughout this week, you have amazed us with your creativity and determination.…

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Reveal 2023

HCC Interior Design Reveal 2023 Portfolio Show at the Houston Decorative Center was a big success. Attendees use VR headsets to experience students' intricate designs of their immersive…

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Media Arts at XR Lab Spring 23

Students in prof. Bennie Ansell's Media Arts class working on a shoe design project and body scan at Reality Collab.

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ESOL Spring 23

It has been great to witness how Professor Melissa Villamil collaborated with us to create an Immersive ESL Lab to teach English to HCC students. She brought her class on 3.22.23 to Reality Collab to…

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Fashion Visual Merchandising Metaverse Space

Prof. Cheryl Whitaker's class visited the Reality Collab to immersive themselves in the newly created Fashion Visual Merchandising space. The intro session was conducted by XR Lab tech Harris…

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Student Success: Ryan Galbraith

There are countless success stories of HCC students who have achieved great things, so it's difficult to choose just one. However, here is one inspiring story:Ryan Galbraith is an HCC alumnus…

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