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DR McCluskey Interviews with HCCTV Interview

Dr. Eric McCluskey, Lamar University voice and opera instructor, talks about his upcoming masteclass to HCC vocal students. February 09, 2024

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ChatGPT and WondaVR

Ai and Metaverse go hand in hand. Here is an integration with HCC's Wonda Spaces.

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Spring 2022 - Reading Culture's Writing Workshop #1

This is Reading Culture's first scheduled Spring 2022 Writing Workshop led by Prof. Melinda Mejia. This presentation is meant to help students competing in Reading Culture's Spring 2022…

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Healthy Lifestyle - Part 1

Healthy Lifestyle - Shandri Stovall Objectives: Obtain basic knowledge of nutrition in order to build healthy habits that will lower your risk of being a victim of health-related diseases. Part 1 -…

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CAD F20 - PS Mood Fabrics

In this 10-minute video, we briefly go over how to embed a fabric sample, cut it out from its original background, 'sculpt' the quick mask, and add a dropped shadow for extra depth and…

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1314 4.1.1

Inverse Operations

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1314 2.7.17

Evaluating Composite Functions Ex 7

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1314 2.7.14

Evaluating Composite Functions Ex 6

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1314 2.7.10

Composition of Functions

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HCC Digital Storytelling @ MECA

HCC is partnering again with the Center for Digital Storytelling out of Berkley, California, to conduct two training sessions at HCC: Northwest Alief Campus on March 30th, 31st, and April 1st, from…

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% composition of a compound

% composition of a compound

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Stalina Villarreal

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