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CAD F21 - Image Trace Troubleshoot

In this 12-minute video, we look at what to do when our starting image is not quite Image-Trace-compatible.

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ACS - How to use Illustrator Image Trace

In this 13-minute video, we go over Image Trace, a great tool found on Illustrator that convert pixel-based graphics into vectors.

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ACS - How to export and upload PNGs onto Forum

In this 8-minute recording, we learn how to export a high-quality PNG from Illustrator, and how to upload it onto a Canvas Discussion.

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Accumark Explorer

In this 20-minute video, we get introduced to Accumark Explorer Environment, how to customize the application, and how to import a zipped file directly into Explorer.

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APD - PS Plaid Weave

In this 35-minute video, we use the Rectangle tool in Photoshop to lay overlapping vertical and horizontal prints. We then apply various woven texture to test the result of various weaves. We finally…

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ACS S21SS - Week 2 Webex

In this 54-minute presentation, we go over the syllabus and introduce ourselves.

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APD F20 - Torso Sloper Stitching

In this 9-minute video, we learn to stitch our torso pieces, including the fish darts, onto Eva.

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APD F20 - Torso Sloper Back

In this 15-minute video, we draft the back torso using the same tools we used for the front.

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CAD F20 - Variable Grade Act 3

In this 3-minute video, we create our Grading Table, inserting 4 smaller sizes to build 4 sizes smaller than size 16.

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CAD F20 - Patterning Stitching

In this 23-minute video, we learn to assign location and textile to our pieces. We also cover our 3D avatar properties and how to simulate drape on our garment.

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ACS F20 - PS Sketch Document Set-Up

In this 16-minute video, we set up a new canvas for our illustration. We place-embed our scanned illustrations, combine them, convert them to black and white, and adjust the levels for a punch black…

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AWS Web Development - Jenna Pederson

Jenna Pederson ( session discussed the history of the World Wide Web and how we got to where we are today. It talks about how websites work at a high…

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Jose Lazaro, Co-founder, and CEO of EMan North-America ( ) speak to the Computer Science Association ( and Houston Community College students regarding…

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CAD F20 - TF Pro Reflect

In this 8-minute video, we reflect a copy of our garment half to create a full, symmetrical garment.

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