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04 How To Edit Images in WeVideo (free account)

This tutorial video will demonstrate how to create edit images using WeVideo's free account.

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Update the Meet Your Instructor page in the Start Here template

How do you get your students to recognize you as their instructor? Set up a Meet Your Instructor page so your students have the details needed to put some name recognition in use.

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Action Item 5: Moving Assignments into a Group

How to move assignments into a group to calculate grades correctly in Canvas.

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Action Item 3: Add Extended time through Special Due Dates for Extenuating Circumstances

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Action Item 2: Customize Your Home Page

This video shows how you can edit and customize your home page along with recommendations of content to include.

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Canvas Crash Course

This is a quick Canvas Crash course to get online and ready for instruction.

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1314 4.1.1

Inverse Operations

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Video on settings for TextEdit on the Mac

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