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Professor Flower Darby Presentation - Instructional Day

Professor Flower Darby Presentation - Instructional Day. FLOWER DARBY is a Senior Instructional Designer and adjunct faculty member at Northern Arizona University, where she's taught for 23…

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Art Car The Student Lounge Summer 2021

The HCCTV gang takes a closer look at Houston’s Art Car Exhibition with first-hand experience and an in-depth interview with HCC’s Artist-in-Residence at the West Houston Institute who…

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Art Car Update | Up To The Minute April 01 | HCCTV

HCCTV Up To The Minute_ April 1, 2021 On today’s Up To The Minute, HCC Studio Art Instructor Ashley Hope reports that Houston’s beloved Art Car Parade — now called an Experience…

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FDOL F20 - Natural Stains

In this 5-minute clip, we prepare a piece of fabric with flowers and foliage on a base of textile pre-soaked in alum solution.

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Canvas - Logging In

Brief video which shows how to log into Canvas.

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Darla Barolini Lawrence Exhibition | Spring Branch

Wall to Wall: Exploration of portraiture in space | Darla Barolini Lawrence Exhibition Features large oversize canvas paintings.

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Alex Temblador

In her debut novel Secrets of the Casa Rosada, author Alex Temblador explores Martha’s journey of discovery in her new city. Martha must adapt quickly to a new climate, new religion (her…

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The Origins of Acting and

The Origins of Acting and "The Method" acting style

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